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Bible, Theology, Ministry and Mission

Modules from our BA and MA programmes can be studied as stand-alone courses.

Modules from our BA programme can be studied as stand-alone courses. These are normally delivered as weekly classes of 2 hours (10 or 15 credit), 3 hours (20 credit modules), or over week-long residentials on campus (those living locally can travel in daily if preferred).  Sessions will involve lectures, discussions and practical exercises, depending on the subject.

For a full listing of the available BA modules, click here. For our MA modules, click here**Not all modules are offered every year.

For queries about availability and timetabling, please email the Registrar here.

Online Courses

It’s time to level up in Ministry with an online short course that you can do from the comfort of your home!

BCC offers a variety of online short courses and are committed to training current and next-generation leaders, believers and people who are generally seeking to develop their understanding, grow and equip themselves in the various areas of life: leadership, ministry, biblical studies and theology. Our aim is to equip people to make a real positive impact in their communities and churches. We are aware that in the present busy climate, being able to offer short courses enables Christians to have access to excellent study whilst still actively involved in the workplace and church. These short courses are designed for busy Christians and provide the flexibility and comfort of studying mostly from home and online.

NCFE Awarded Online Short Courses

>>Introduction to Christian counselling starting
>>Certificate in Christian Ministry and Leadership
>>Church Marketing Strategies

Online Short Courses (4 weeks) (College Awards)

>>Interpreting the Bible for Teaching and Preaching
>>Contemporary Apologetics
>>First Steps to Christian Counselling

Admissions Policy

There are no formal academic admission requirements for short and part-time courses but applicants may be asked to give a brief account of previous relevant experience on the application form.


Information about the prospectus can be found here

How to Apply

Find out how to begin the application process and access the online application form here.

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