CertHE/DipHE/BA(Hons) in Theology


Our BA course focuses on the core disciplines of theology, biblical studies, leadership and mission. There is a choice of two tracks, Biblical & Pastoral Theology or Theology & Missional Leadership.

The course is aimed at equipping emerging church and mission workers, volunteers, ordinary church members and any prospective student to better appreciate the origins, development and application of the Christian message within a variety of cultural settings and learn a selection of basic ministry skills. It will provide you with theological education and skills for Christian service, together with the development of personal character and spirituality. You will be introduced to a broad understanding of the world, religion, faith, spirituality and our role in serving the community and the Christian faith. In the first year, you will receive a foundation in the core subjects in Theology, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Theology and Missional Leadership. You are then able to deepen your understanding in the second and third years within your chosen pathway.

You will be encouraged to see the relevance of your degree outside the confinements of BCC, church or the ministry and to think critically about how your knowledge, skills and resources can be useful in the marketplace. By marketplace, we are referring to the streets, the community, social media and in the churches and faith communities. By means of vocational, placements, and ministry work you will be able to broaden your experience in the marketplace and analyse the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of doing practical ministry. The aim is to give you a global, ethical, spiritual, academic and a well-balanced lifestyle and outlook on life.

The course will prepare you intellectually and practically for a variety of forms of vocational Christian ministry including the development of presentation and communication skills, understanding of ministry and mission in cross-cultural and intercultural contexts, and the ability to apply biblical and theological knowledge within a ministry and mission setting.

The course is composed of three levels, the Certificate in Higher Education, Diploma in Higher Education and the BA (Hons) degree. Students are expected to pass one level of study before progressing to the next level, though each level can form a self-contained qualification which can be taken separately if desired. Each level consists of 120 credits of study.

The course is validated by Birmingham Newman University.

Delivery Method

3 years full-time or 4-7 years part-time.

Course Content

Information about the content of this course can be found in the Programme Specification here


Information about the prospectus can be found here

Course Fees

For undergraduate course fees please click here.

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Financial Support

Our BA course has been approved for student finance. To find out if you’re eligible please read Get undergraduate student finance: step by step on the GOV.UK website here.

Students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties may be eligible for funding to cover study-related costs they have because of a mental health problem, long-term illness or any other physical or learning disability. You can find out more information here.

We encourage you to make your application as early as possible to ensure funding is in place for the start of the academic year when your first semester’s fees will be payable.

International Students

Those applicants with overseas qualifications in place of the standard academic entrance requirements will be assessed using UK ENIC and UCAS Guides to International Qualifications. Such qualifications would need to be of a standard equivalent to a second-class honours degree or above for Masters programme in order to ensure parity. Candidates will be expected to obtain a statement of compatibility themselves. Overseas students might also be admitted on the basis of professional experience.

APL/Interviews arrangement

Accredited RPL/RPeL and in some cases where the RPL/ RPeL is certificated will be considered for students wishing to transfer into the scheme with previously obtained part or intermediate qualifications from other UK HE institutions or their equivalent. This will follow the rules and processes for RPL/RPeL set out by Birmingham Newman University, which allows for 90 credits of RPL for Master’s degrees. RPL is also available for the BA for up to 50% of the credits at Level 4 (first year) and/or Level 5 (second year) i.e. 60cr for those doing CertHE and 120cr for those doing DipHE and then up to 240cr for BA.

English Language requirements (Methods of assessments)

All students must provide evidence of appropriate competency in written and spoken English. For students whose first language is not English, and who have not studied in English up to at least Level 3, the normal requirement will be IELTS 6.5 for MA and 6.0 for BA, TOEFL 575 or equivalent. It is our duty as Higher Education Providers to ensure that international students whose English is not their first language demonstrate their level B2 English language competence by providing a recent secure English language test (SELT) from one of the UKVI approved test providers. You must have achieved at least CEFR level B2 in all four components (unless a test provider exempts you from sitting a component because of a disability).

SELTs can only be sat at approved test centres. A list of all the approved test centres is available on GOV.UK at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prove-your-english-language-abilities-with-a-secure-english-language-test-selt 

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for international students for 2024-2025 academic year is £13,000

Optional accommodation fees for a single room double bed en-suite is £7,200 academic year.

International students Discount/Bursary/Scholarship package

We are pleased to offer the International Students Scholarship 2024 to new international students starting their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Birmingham Christian College in September 2024. 

Key information:

  • The scholarship is worth £2,000 per year for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • The scholarship is offered in each following academic year subject to sustained academic success, please see below for more details.
  • No additional scholarship application is required. If you meet the eligibility and award criteria below the scholarship will be applied as a tuition fee discount.
  • You must have chosen the Birmingham Christian College as your firm or insurance choice and have accepted an offer before 5.00pm (UK time) on Wednesday 31st July 2024 to receive this award.

Eligibility and award criteria:

  • You must commence your studies of undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Birmingham Christian College in September 2024. All degree courses are included except for part-time courses.
  • You must choose the Birmingham Christian College as your firm or insurance choice before 5.00pm (UK time) on 31st July 2024.
  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically – no scholarship application is required in the first or any subsequent years.
  • Subject to meeting the eligibility and award criteria the scholarship will be guaranteed in the first year of study. 
  • The scholarship is applicable to each subsequent academic year of study, subject to achieving 60% (in each module) or above and achieving a minimum of 120 credits for undergraduate in the previous academic year. The scholarship is not applicable to any compulsory or optional years in industry, work placements or year abroad.
  • You must enter a degree programme at the Birmingham Christian College in year 1. If you are entering in year 2, you would be eligible for this scholarship, providing you are not receiving a scholarship/award as part of a collaborative programme with your home institution.  
  • The scholarship can be awarded in-conjunction with any available scholarships from the Faculty you will be studying in, subject to not becoming a sponsored student*.
  • The scholarship cannot be awarded in-conjunction with any funding (full or partial) from an external sponsor**, excluding a loan, which has to be paid back in full.
  • The scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction only.
  • You must be self-funded and classified as overseas for tuition fee purposes.
  • You must not be a sponsored student*.
  • The scholarships are for full-time students only. Students studying online or via distance learning are not eligible for a scholarship.
  • This scholarship cannot be deferred to a future year of entry. If you decide to defer entry to another year, you forfeit this award.

* A sponsored student is defined as being an individual in receipt of a total sum of funds from either the College or an external organisation that matches or exceeds the original tuition fee required by the College.

** Government or governmental organisation – international, national or regional; research council; charity; private enterprise; or any similar organisation.

Deposit prior to issue of CAS

To ensure that we are complying with our immigration laws, we must only assign a CAS to a student whom we reasonably believe will:

  1. Meet the requirements of the student route for which the CAS was assigned; and
  2. Ensure the student has been assessed to have all the necessary requirement for the visa application.
  3. Comply with the conditions of their permission to stay in the UK

To be able to safeguard the student’s financial ability for the programme, in addition to point b) above, 50% of the tuition fee must be paid and where a student requires accommodation, a deposit amount equivalent to a months’ rent plus 50% of the accommodation fee for the academic year must be paid before a CAS may be issued.

Post CAS fees payment plan

We offer a payment plan for the remaining 50% of the tuition fees. Half of the remaining fees (25%) will be expected prior to enrolment and the remaining paid in 3 instalments within 4 months of the start of the programme. We offer payment plans for 2nd and 3rd year BA students where 50% of the academic year’s fee must be paid at the beginning of the semester and the remaining amount paid by 3 instalments within 4 months.

The remaining accommodation fees can be paid on monthly basis at the first day of every month.


Assessment is by a variety of methods to help develop a range of different skills including essays, portfolios, formal examinations, presentations, placement reports, role plays and research projects.

More information can be found in the Programme Specification (see link in Course Content above).

Entry Requirements

3 A levels at grade C or above (or equivalent) in a humanities/social science related subject and 5 GCSEs at grade 4/C or above including English at 5/C or above, or recognized equivalents are required.

Mature applicants (21+), with considerable length of practical ministry experience who do not have formal qualifications, may be admitted to the programme if the Admissions Committee deems them able to complete the programme successfully. As part of this assessment applicants will normally be required to submit an essay on a Biblical subject.

Those seeking admission to the BA programme will normally be accepted only subject to satisfactory references and interview. For students wishing to transfer credits into the scheme from other UK universities and recognised institutions, the rules followed will comply with the rules and processes for Birmingham Newman University. The eligibility of credits gained from overseas institutions will be assessed using UK NARIC guidelines.

Students with a bachelor’s degree from another subject may enrol directly to level 6 for a full classification with Honours degree programme provided that they have a first or second classification degree.

English language requirements:

All students must provide evidence of appropriate competency in written and spoken English. For students whose first language is not English, and who have not studied in English up to at least Level 2 the normal requirement will be IELTS 6.0 (with no less than 5.5 in any band) or equivalent.

Other requirements:

All students will have the maturity of character and motivation to be involved in the overall ethos of the course. This is normally ascertained from the application, interview and references.

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will be required before students can begin their placement.

Employment Prospects

Section 12 of the Programme Specification (see link in Course Content above) provides information about employment prospects for students who study this course and tells you what careers some of our students have pursued after completing the course.

How to Apply

Find out how to begin the application process and access the online application form here.

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