Why Birmingham?


The Heart of England

Birmingham is situated in the Heart of England and is also deemed to be the spiritual heart of the nation. Birmingham’s proud industrial past has given way to a present full of good opportunities. Forged as the engine room of the Industrial Revolution, Britain’s second city has a stylish new vibrant global presence, due to much redevelopment over the past decade that will both surprise and impress you. Birmingham is considered to be one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. The people are warm-hearted and generous.

A City Full of Surprises

Birmingham is a diverse and dynamic city, vibrant by day and by night, a city where yesterday and today combine to give you a glimpse into a city full of surprises. With its fascinating history and world-class cultural scene, combined with major international events and exhibitions, Birmingham has a unique quality that makes it a great city in which to study.

Culture and Heritage

Cosmopolitan in its make-up, Birmingham is an exciting city, hosting a range of visual and performing arts and a variety of music and theatre, difficult to surpass. Home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham really is a city of world-class culture.

Mission and Placement Opportunities

Birmingham’s culturally diverse community provides major opportunities for cross-cultural mission and mission training. As the UK’s second largest city there are also many opportunities for mission amongst the indigenous population with under-churched areas of deprivation within 5-20 minutes drive.

According to www.findachurch.com there are 259 churches within a 5 mile radius of the college and there are also a significant number of Christian organisations in Birmingham including:

All of this means there are ample opportunities for placements in any area of ministry you wish to explore.