Strategic Leadership In Christian Ministry

This pathway offers advanced knowledge and understanding of organisational strategy, change management and organisational culture. with meeting pastoral needs on one hand and achieving charitable objectives on the other. The knowledge and skills gap makes many church leaders ineffective in their diaspora contexts. Aside that, long term sustainability of contemporary churches depends largely on good strategic leadership. This pathway provides an integrated knowledge and skill sets including, spiritual maturity, intellectual awareness, cultural sensitivity, leadership, and management. The track, Strategic Leadership in Christian Ministry offers advanced knowledge and skills necessary for effective leadership and management of Christian organisations within the laws of the lands and within the Christian ethos. Senior leadership such as Bishops, Apostles and Head Pastors will benefit tremendously from the strategic organisational skills offered. 

Core Modules

BCM712 Strategic Leadership in Christian perspectives

BCM718 Strategic Management in Christian Ministry

BCM711 Research Methods and Study Skills

Optional Modules (Subject to numbers)

BCM706 Mission and Social Transformation

BCM716 Organisational Behaviour in Christian perspectives

BCM707 Pastoral Theology

BCM704 Generations and Missional Leadership

BCM719 Managing Change in Christian contexts

BCM705 Missions and Migration in Contemporary Context

BCM703 Contemporary Religions

BCM714 African Diaspora Christianity

BCM715 Dissertation

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